The Colosseum, also called the Coliseum or Flavian Amphitheatre, is an amphitheater, ellipsoid plant buildings consisting of a double theater, the cavea subdivided to the public, and sand in the middle, with a pit and underground constructions for fighters and beasts. It was built in the I century. It was originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre, Amphitheatrum Flavium, in honor to the Flavian Dynasty emperors who built it, and it passed to be called Colosseum by a large statue located next to it, the Colossus of Nero, not preserved at present. In ancient times it had a capacity of 50000 spectators, with eighty rows of bleachers. Those who were close to the arena were the Emperor and the Senate, and as they ascended, the lower strata of society were located.

The playing field itself was an oval, a large wooden platform and covered with sand. The entire basement was a complex of tunnels and dungeons (hypogeum) in which the gladiators, convicteds and animals were. The floor had several hatches and elevators to communicate with the cellar and could be used during the show. Many building construction techniques were used. Many of the blocks were attached with metal clips, the pilasters and arches have no mortar and vaults that hold the cavea were pouring cement mortar on wooden formwork. The facade has four rows, being down to up: Tuscan, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite-pilaster.

This building is part of Roman architecture, inside buildings for shows, these are, theaters, amphitheaters, and circuses.
At the end of the VIII century before Christ, the Italian peninsula was inhabited by different peoples. The Sabines and Latins founded Rome in 753 before Christ. There were three stages. The Monarchy, ruled by kings; the Republic, in which the Romans made ​​numerous colonizations and conquests, defeating in the called Punic Wars to important armies as the Carthaginians; and the Empire, that due the impossibility of governing as magnum territory, it is chosen to establish a new political system, headed by an emperor, with the territory divided into provinces.

           In conclusion, the Coliseum is not only one of the most monumental buildings of antiquity, but it is also very attractive, being a main tourist destination in Italy. If the shows were represented in buildings of this type, it would be much more impressive to witness.
This building is in Rome, in Italy.

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