Eiffel Tower under construction

Eiffel Tower under construction

            The serie of photographs of the Eiffel Tower under construction illustrate the process of the construction of the mythical tower of Paris. The construction of the tower lasted from 1887 to 1889, and for this serie of photographs worked photographers as Roger-Viollet, Léon et Lévy and Jacques Boyer. The above photograph is made by Léon et Lévy, dated at 1888.
The Eiffel Tower is a building belonging to the iron architecture. Its builder was Gustave Eiffel. There are many more photographs related to the construction process of the Eiffel Tower.

            This serie of photographs are of historical, social and artistic theme. Its historical part refers to the construction process, and these pictures illustrate how this was made, and it is something that will not be illustrated by anything. Its social part is that it illustrates a monument of society and its artistic side is simply because the Eiffel Tower is an artwork. It could be said too that they are journalistic or official photographs.

            It reflects the facts as they occurred, without criticizing them, as only intended to illustrate the construction process of the work. In the pictures you can see the scenery of Paris, people walking, and as a point of interest is always the Eiffel Tower. Obviously, they are all in black and white.
The Léon et Lévy’s photograph is a stereoscopic photography. Traditional stereoscopic photography consists of creating a 3D illusion made with a pair of 2D images.

            In conclusion, it is interesting to have photographs of the past to see how the life was in those times. In addition, photographs that detail the construction process of an artwork is something that art lovers have to settle with dream it, as many, including myself, would like to see the construction process of many old buildings. So these pictures are a true relic.

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