Erotic couple in the House of the Centenary

Erotic couple in the House of the Centenary

The Erotic couple in the House of the Centenary is a Roman painting found in Pompeii belonging to the Roman period. It belongs to the fourth style of Roman painting, characterized by false windows that show imaginary landscapes, light construction, oriental architectural decoration, and the development in large boards of mythological or love scenes, or themes from real life.

Rome painting reached a high circulation. There are historical painting, as the reliefs, and exposed it to the public to have a view of the events of the Empire. But mainly, the paintings that have survived are those of the houses of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
About the eroticism in the Roman Empire, was a special case, because the relationships between men were common, the woman had a different role in Rome and Athens, the brothels were a popular entertainment and the biggest taboo was oral sex and to be in passive role.

            In conclusion, this painting is part of the few remaining remnants of Roman painting, showing a scene where we can get an idea of how the Roman erotic life was.
This painting is in the Museum of Naples, in Naples, Italy. 

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