Jewelry of René Lalique

Jewelry of René Lalique

      To talk about these beautiful jewelry, I must speak first about its artist. René Jules Lalique, of France, glorified nature in jewelery, extending the repertoire to include new aspects not as conventional as dragonflies and herbs, inspired by his encounter with Japanese art. He was born in 1890.

The excellence of his creations and the taste that he applied to his work earned him the orders for interior decoration of many ships, trains like the Orient Express, churches such as San Nicasio of Reims and numerous civil and religious jewelry. Besides jewels, he also worked the glass, and he was a master.
The pictures below are of Horse and The Spirit of the Wind.

            This artist is part of Modernism. The jewelers were keen to establish this new style as a distinguished tradition and for that they sought inspiration in the Renaissance for their jewelry of sculpted enameled gold, besides accepting the status of jeweler as an artist, rather than an artisan. In most of the enamelled works, the gems yielded its primacy. To diamonds were given a subsidiary role in combination with less familiar materials such as molded glass, ivory or animal horn.

          In conclusion, I was willing to comment these jewels. Lalique was an artist that few or none are like him. Never in my life I have seen such beautiful and original jewelry how these. Each one is a masterpiece.
Much of his work is in the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon, in Portugal, a museum created by an admirer and collector of him named Calouste Gulbenkian.

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