Olympic Aurigas by Pablo Gargallo

Olympic Aurigas by Pablo Gargallo

         The Olympic Aurigas is a bronze sculpture belonging to the Modernism Spanish sculptor Pablo Emilio Gargallo Catalán. It consists of three horses and two chariots with two men in the act of movement, an effect very well done giving the sculpture a certain dynamism. This sculpture belongs to the XX century.

Pablo Emilio Gargallo Catalán is a Spanish painter and sculptor. He was born in Zaragoza in 1881, and is considered one of the most important and innovative sculptors of the XX century. Throughout his career simultaneously held two seemingly very different styles: a classical one, associated with modernism in its infancy and the novecentism, and avant-garde style in which he experiments with the disintegration of the space and forms and new materials.
Modernist sculpture had as its central theme the female figure in different poses. Beyond the chronological succession between Art Nouveau and Art Deco (before and after 1920) there is not a clear separation between the identifiable stylistic developments of both sculptural styles.

         In conclusion, the Olympic Aurigas of Pablo Gargallo are a very good example about what represent the dynamism and movement in sculpture. It almost seems that the aurigas are going to move from their place.
This bronze copy can be accessed in Can Dragó, in Barcelona, Spain.

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