Robert Adam Furniture

Robert Adam Furniture

Robert Adam was born in Scotland in 1728. He was an architect, decorator, furniture designer and creator of the Adamesque style, and was the one who introduced the Neoclassical art in England. He had more brothers, specifically, three. The Adam brothers spread throughout England a decorative indoor model with themes coming from archeology. Robert Adam created the Adamesque style, where his interest about the older things was born in his trip to Italy. He use ebony, mahogany and rosewood. He decorate with sculptured garlands and medallions bucranium, Ara Pacis style. His furniture legs are slender and elongated, and his tables are rectangular or semicircular.

His style is simple, precise and delicate. He look at his drawing brightness and spaciousness, in a harmonious way in proportions, both in architecture and furniture, combining classical motifs with neogothic ones, with a taste for rococo ornamentation. The Adam chair is characterized by having carved lines and motifs such as columns. The backrest has a typical central lyre and legs, slightly tapered, ending in a bulbous foot.

            In conclusion, Robert Adam was a great designer. By the time of the Baroque began to emerge the art of design, and when begin the Neoclassicism, the return to the Classic art, this artist was able to combine the right elements to create unique pieces that are timeless.

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