The Hotel Tassel by Victor Horta

The Hotel Tassel by Victor Horta

            The Hotel Tassel, is a building designed by the architect Victor Horta in 1893 belonging to the Modernist or Art Nouveau style (not to be confused with modern art). This house was for the family of Professor Tassel, where the outside is smooth stone standing out the vitreous grandstands with curved form and the wrought iron railings and balconies with undulate forms, with the floor of the interior with mosaics on the walls continuously.

The front door is always at the side of the facade and extends inland for a long lateral hall. This allows access to the three parts that follow one after the other. The interior is full of sinuous and sensual forms, curves inspired by the plant world, the thin iron columns, and design of floors and walls. The ladder fits, and their last steps seem like a fluid. Nature seems transplanted to the world of freedom and fantasy. The house has faced mirrors that multiply the interior.

            Victor Horta was born in Ghent in 1861. It was a Belgian architect pioneer of Modernism. He was the son of a shoemaker, and briefly studied violin. Expelled Conservatory for indiscipline during 1864, with 15 years, moved to the Academy of Arts in France where he began his studies as an architect, joining specialty Architectural Drawing. Between 1892 and 1893 he made his first innovative work: the Hotel Tassel.
Modernism is a very expensive bourgeois art, which tries to integrate all art in architecture and all the arts. It is essentially decorative, althought it has original architectural solutions. By 1890 and 1910, the bourgeoisie was enriched, was refined and hedonistic. The type of art was different from what is being done so far. Modernism created a new art. There were two trends in different countries. One was the geometric Modernism started in the school of Glasgow (Scotland) or Austria. Other countries have an ornamental style (curved line) as France, Belgium and Spain. Other names for the Modernism are Art Noveau (France and Belgium), Modern Style (England), Jugendstil (Germany and North Countries), Sezession (Austria), Nieuwe Kunst (Netherlands) and Liberty (Italy).

            In conclusion, the Hotel Tassel is one of the crowning artworks of Modernism. Although its exterior hardly call all the attention it should, the interior is beautiful, with those sinuous forms and plantkind that give a perfect harmony.
This house can be visited in Brussels, Belgium.

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