Town Hall of Bruges

Town Hall of Bruges

         The Town Hall of Bruges is a building belonging to the Gothic style. From 1400 can be found the best buildings of civil architecture. It was built from the late XIV century to the early XV century. Stand out the towers and its beautiful facade. On the front facade there are six gothic windows, and has many statues.
Due to its location, this area receives early and directly the influence of French Gothic art. This particular building would be flamboyant Gothic, characterized by large exuberance decorative. Stand out civic buildings for wealthy bourgeoisie.

           On the first floor there are stairs that lead to the Plenary Hall, where there are wonderful frescoes depicting the history of the city.
The Gothic flourishes in the second half of the XII century and continuing until the Renaissance (in Italy until the XV century). It was born in northern France, and gradually is spreading and overruling the Romanesque. It is called Gothic by the Goths, is a derogatory term.

            In conclusion, the Town Hall of Bruges is a building that if you go to this city you must see it for its dazzling beauty. Good to know that not only the churches were built in this art, but also civil buildings.
This building is located in the Brug Square in Bruges, Belgium.

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