About the music of the Ancient Egypt

About the music of the Ancient Egypt

The music in Egypt had advanced knowledge that was reserved for the priests. Therefore, it was an activity of the temples. In the New Kingdom they used the scale of seven sounds. They had many instruments, some of the most representative are the harp as string instrument and the double oboe and woodwind instrument.
In the Old Kingdom the music was religious, chants of priests during religious rites. For the study of the instruments, of which there are numerous representations, has concluded that they followed a pentatonic or heptatonic scale.

In the Middle Kingdom, is ampliated the range of instruments with the adoption of the lyre of Asia, African drums and new kinds of sistrums.
In the New Kingdom, when they begin to relate with the Mesopotamians, there appeared a new style, focused on the secular dances, with new instruments arrived from Asia as the double oboe, with two rods placed at an angle, one to play the melody and other for accompaniment. At this time arrived to Egypt the two-stringed lute with a greater mast than the Mesopotamian one. The study of these two instruments indicates the beginning of a system using halftones.
In the Late Period there is twofold: first, they get several new instruments, such as drums pot, dishes, new pipes, that probably were accompanied by new sounds. Moreover, in the homes of life is taught early music, as Herodotus and Plato tell, who claimed the beneficial effects on youth.

Along the Nile River, the Egyptian civilization is formed. It is a civilization with its own personality. The religious conception and divine concept of royalty determine the creation of an official art, around beyond. The history of Egyptian art is usually divided into many stages as its history. It is said that it started in 3300 before Christ, until 395 before Christ, according to the historical divisions.

            In conclusion, it is surprising how such an ancient civilization was able to create musical instruments and even a system of musical notation. Indeed, music has no limits.
The images are:
Musicians - Tomb of Nakht
Cymbals of the New Kingdom – Louvre Museum (I think)
Post-New Kingdom Harp – Louvre Museum
Harper - Tomb of Nakht

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