Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

            The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic building of late VII century. The golden dome is what stands out of the building. Muslims believe that the rock that is in the center of the Dome is the point from which Muhammad ascended to heaven to meet God, accompanied by the Angel Gabriel. In honor of this episode in the life of Muhammad, the building was built between the years 687 and 691 by the ninth Caliph Abd al-Malik.

Both inside and outside has abundant schematic vegetation and geometric decoration. It is a building with central symmetry, octagonal perimeter and circular wooden dome plant. It has two concentric flat-roofed naves, aiming at the developing of the tawaf (procession) around the circle that houses the Rock. The arches supporting the drum of the dome provides an alternation of pillars and columns.
Technically, the Dome of the Rock is not considered a mosque, but it is a place of worship for Islam. At the southern end of the esplanade is the Al-Aqsa Mosque with its silver dome.

            Soon the Arabs manage to have a great empire. In 622 in Hegira, Mohammed fled from Mecca to Medina. A century later, Muslims come to Poitiers. On the East, the limits are in Chinese Turkestan. The losses in the West compensate the victories in the East. In the XVI century, but lost Spain, the Turkish advances reached the Danube and threatening Vienna.
            The Arab art has no homogeneity. It adopts the art forms of the submitted countries, with the creation of several schools following evolution. Despite its many schools, retains common features.
            The stone is barely used. The pillar and column are used as supports. The hallmark of Arab art is the ornamentation. Images cannot be represented, so the ornamentation is reduced to geometric, vegetation compositions, and epigraphic decoration.

            In conclusion, the Dome of the Rock is a very unique building. It is the oldest Arabic building, and it’s interesting its history.
           It is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

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