Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Raquel Salas

Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Raquel Salas

Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Raquel Salas is not just a photograph, but this photographer has different photographs of the Pilar of Zaragoza, although I will only speak about two. The above photograph specifically. is a photograph made clearly as backlit, highlighting the architectural complex overshadowed and the sunshine, with the reflection that this occurs in the waters of the Ebro.
No need to talk about the depth of field, since it is clear that what we want to represent in that photograph is the Pilar in backlit. The exposure level is perfect, since the light shines from a single point, which is the sun, and it is not a too bright color, is the exact shade. The colors also fit perfectly creating that atmosphere so fantastic. Cool colors of the sky and the river are contrasted with the strong warm color of the sun. The point of interest of this photograph is the sun and its reflection, and that is what is most striking despite the backlit of the basilica. Seeing the basilica on the left, it gives more spaciousness, as the dominant object is in an area where doesn’t unbalance the image, and being at the lower part, it gives solidity.
In the blog entry, it has the phrase "no more words" as a description of the image. That suggests that the purpose of this photograph is to excite, arouse passions and feelings.
The lower photograph is from a quite later date to the above mentioned, but is intended to represent the same as the above without backlit: the beauty of the Pilar by the Ebro river. It is also a photograph that excites, and this time, are the warm colors of the streetlights the ones that fill more space. The only difference here is that the basilica, the point of greatest interest, is in the top, giving a more intense result. The bridge divides the photograph into two parts.
Raquel Salas Badía is a Spanish photographer who is slowly going sweeping the world of photography. She tries various topics, as landscapes, urban, monuments, even portraits, something she for what feels great passion, and I am sure that she will end and will improving it more and will be more recognized.

            In conclusion, it is a photograph that I personally love. The first time I saw the first photograph I was amazed by the beauty that can be achieved with a camera, a solemn landscape worthty of being in any art gallery. Finally, say that this great photographer is my couple, and I am very proud of her and I feel lucky to be with her. In short, a great contemporary photographer.

I love you.

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